Forge Tactical Small Team CQB

Forge Tactical Small Team CQB

14 Sep 09:00 - 17 Sep 18:00 - Alliance
Alliance Police Training


Small Team CQB Shoothouse

The Forge Tactical Small Team CQB Course is a 32 hour session focused on developing the fundamental techniques required for successful team fighting inside of structures. This course is built around the fundamental building block of CQB, the two-man team. Topics covered in this course include tactical judgment, priority of life, approach, door, hallway, room processing, and CQB shapes procedures; and the techniques that enable them. Fundamental techniques are trained and evaluated in depth with an emphasis on their application in the rapidly moving CQB environment. A low light component is included where range conditions permit. This is not a beginner’s course, so please come ready to work with a zero’d rifle.

Course hours:

TD1: 0900-1700
TD2: 1200-2200
TD3: 1000-1800
TD4: 0900-1700
Prerequisites: US Citizen or ITAR approved person, and graduate of reputable handgun and carbine operator courses.

Equipment List:

Common Sense
Carbine with 5 magazines (Carbine should be zero’d when you arrive)
Carbine magazine pouches
Handgun and 3 magazines
Tactical holster
Handheld and weapon mounted lights
Ballistic vest (Level IV or III ICW plates) and ballistic helmet (limited rentals are available)
400 rounds carbine ammunition
200 rounds handgun ammunition
Electronic hearing protection which fit under your helmet
Clear eye protection
2 green chemlights or PID light
Water and snack food
Weather appropriate clothing
Pen and notebook (you will be taking notes)
Training location:Alliance Police Training Center12251 Rockhill Ave NEAlliance, OH 44601 RANGE FEE APPLIES: There is a separate $25 PER DAY Range Fee that is due to Alliance Police Training Center at the beginning of TD1 Schedule:This varies from class to class, however generally daytime courses start at 0900 on TD1. Low light and NVG courses generally start at 1900. If the course you are taking begins at a different time, we will contact you with that information at least 2 weeks before the course.Travel and Lodging:The local airport for Alliance in the Akron / Canton Airport (CAK). Rental cars are available there from all the major providers. Some students chose to fly into the Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE), which is a larger airport with more flight options, and is a 50 minute drive from Alliance.The Alliance Police Training Center recommends hotel accommodations at the Holiday Inn Express on State Street in Alliance. Their phone number is 330-821-6700. Please ask for the Alliance PD rate.More detailed information can be found at the Alliance Police Training Center website at This course would not be possible without Joe Weyer and the Alliance PD crew, and our Corporate Partners, so please take every opportunity to support them. In closing, we appreciate your support and are looking forward to training with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Life is Good Chappy & Doc Spears

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