Listener Low Light Force on Force at Alliance Police Training

Listener Low Light Force on Force at Alliance Police Training

09 Nov 17:00 - 12 Nov 03:00 - Alliance
Alliance Police Training


Low Light Force on Force Shoot House
Instructor: Joe Weyer of Alliance Police Training
Location: Alliance, OH (APD Range)

Cost: $400

Date: November 9, 10 & 11, 2018 (THIS CLASS IS A REVERSE SCHEDULE. 5PM start time each day until 2/3/4am in the morning). This means this class ends at 2/3/4am on Monday.

This is a performance on demand class. You show up with what Skills you have. This is a Partner class that may involve some solo runs. This class will test your skills of CQB and Use of Force. Coaching and instructing will happen for individual students during and after runs. Shoot House Classes are recommended but not required.

Ammo: .70 per round for handgun, .80 for carbine. Just pay for what you use, typically a student pays between $30-50.


Flash Light on Rifle and/or Handheld Light at minimum is required.
Chem Light/PID Light is required.
Notebook and Pen for note taking isn't required but you should bring them and use them.

It is up to each student to know and be able to apply the basic FOUR firearms safety rules. Unsafe practices could result in dismissal from class.
UTM Handguns are provided, UTM Bolts are also included for use in carbines. We will have loaner carbines for students who want to use a carbine.
UTM fees will be taken at time of class and are not included in the price of this course
No-PreReq – Must Bring Cup – Eye Pro – Googles & Facemask (Alliance Has Loaners, but they are 5 years old) – Long Sleeve,Gloves (w/ knuckle protectors), and Neck Cover. Can wear helmet if wanted.

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