ExoCAD Basics

ExoCAD Basics

12 Oct 09:00 - 13 Oct 16:00 - Austin
Digital Enamel Teaching Center


In this fun 2 day, very hands on course, students will learn the ins and outs of 3D printing with the powerful, open source, dental CAD/CAM software, ExoCAD. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN EXOCAD FOR THIS COURSE! We will provide teaching licenses that have all the modules of the full program. 14 CEU will be given for this in depth course. Please bring a PC laptop and 3 button mouse. A list of software downloads will be given before the course. The course will cover:

Model Builder: The first half of day one will concentrate on using ExoCAD’s Model Builder module printing with either the Form2 or Moonray printers. We will start with hollow and solid models for pressure forming and cover different ways of getting individual dies. Both virtual and physical articulators will also be covered.

Night Guards: Making night guards in the office is a high ROI procedure! In this course we will cover making a hard/soft flat plane splint using a pressure former and a Michigan appliance in ExoCAD’s bite splint module.

Dentures and Flippers: Using NextDent’s Denture Base and C and B resins, student will design, print and fabricate dentures and flippers wither using traditional ExoCAD or the ExoCAD Denture Module.

Temporaries: A temporary bridge can be printed in under an hour with most printers! We will be covering the standard ExoCAD C and B module to design and print a 3 unit temporary bridge.

Implants: In this course we will cover how to print implant analog models that use re usable implant analogs as well as how to 3D print a temporary hybrid.

Smile Design: Learn how to plan abd tenpirize a case in both Meshmixer and Exocad.


Sonesta Bee Caves

Austin, TX

Usually around $150/night

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