Richard Rohr's Men's Rites of Passage

Richard Rohr's Men's Rites of Passage

15 May 13:00 - 19 May 15:00 - Carlton
Skalitude Eco-Retreat


The life-changing retreat that thousands of men have gone through from all over the world returns to the Pacific Northwest. Encounter a world more majestic than you ever dreamed, and an enriched life awaiting you on the other side. Registration opens Fall of 2018.

Almost 20 years ago, Richard Rohr, Stephen Gambill, along with others created a retreat experience in the wilderness that came to be known as the Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP). Tapping deeply into universal truths and practices, the MROP is now regularly offered in Australia, Germany, Great Britain, The Czech Republic, all over the United States, and new countries are being added. Thousands of men have gone through this deeply transformative experience already, and the movement continues to grow.

Originally rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the MROP now also draws on poetry, stories, and wisdom teachings from all over the world. Reflecting on practices men from many cultures have used for thousands of years to help men become better fathers, sons, elders, brothers, and lovers, the MROP draws a diverse group of men, who are united in their desire to be more authentic, more alive, and more connected. At an MROP you’ll find liberals and conservatives, young and old, rich and poor, highly educated and those whose teachers were not found in books…you’ll find men from all over the country, from all manner of families, from all manner of spiritual and faith traditions. You’ll find classic macho men and bookworms, pacifists and members of the military…in short…you’ll find an amazing cross section of society, all drawn by a sense of something more, some desire to go deeper and farther, some restless itch that wants more than what they’ve been given.

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