An Evening with Director Alan Smithee

An Evening with Director Alan Smithee

15 Apr 18:30 - 21:30 - Chattanooga
Heritage House Arts & Civic Center - MAIN SITE


ALAN SMITHEE's career was seemingly born in 1967, the same year he directed his first picture, DEATH OF A GUNFIGHTER (1969), the film gained strong reviews for his initial film:

"Sharply directed by Allen Smithee who has an adroit facility for scanning faces and extracting sharp background detail", (New York Times); "Smithee's direction keeps the action taut and he draws convincing portrayals from the supporting cast" (Variety).

His oeuvre extends over a wide range of topics and styles (as well as film-craft departments), as he methodically advanced his motion picture career, step by step.

Although his first name is occasionally misspelled "Allen", the name Alan Smithee has come to represent a very unique vision in American film, one that does not always jive with the concepts of the Hollywood money-men.

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