Cruisin' with The Crenshaw's

Cruisin' with The Crenshaw's

23 May 15:00 - 27 May 07:00 - Galveston
Galveston, Texas


It's that time again....
How about taking it to the OCEAN?
What better way to celebrate ALL of US together, than to actually be TOGETHER?

Memorial Day Weekend 2019
We will debark Thursday at 4PM from Galveston, TX and set sail to Cozumel Mexico for 4 days.
Thursday May 23rd - Galveston
Departs at 4:30pm (must be on the ship by 4pm)
Friday, May 24th Fun day at sea
Saturday, May 25th - Cozumel Arrive 9am

Departs at 5pm
Sunday, May 26th - Fun day at sea
Monday, May 27th - Galveston Arrive 7am

Set sail with us along the Carnival DREAM, which has previously ported from Florida but now coming to Texas.

We have a total of 20 Cabins reserved for our group
8 INSIDE (no view) great for those who tend to get sea sick.
12 with Balconies (obviously Ocean Views)
Additional can be obtained if needed HOWEVER this is what is reserved for now.

DEPOSITS are LISTED in order to BOOK you must pay this amount (no exceptions)

DEPOSITS are DUE BY January 31, 2018
All Deposits are deducted from balance


* Single Occupancy: (JUST you alone in your room) $50.00

* Double Occupancy ( you and someone else child, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, JUST you and one other person) $100.00

* Triple Occupancy (YOU and 2 other people) $450.00

* Quad ( you and 3 other people) $600.00

Pay IN FULL and get it over with:
Inside Room:
Single: $1340.50
Double: $1112.50 (TOTAL not per person)
Triple: $1896.75 (TOTAL not per person)
Quad: $2263.00

Single: $900.00
Double: $1800.00 (TOTAL not per person)
Triple: $2226.25 (TOTAL not per person)
Quad: $2662.50 (TOTAL not per person)

I went online that is NOT what the prices state...

Correct ONLINE does NOT reflect our PERKS of:
* Cruisin with The Crenshaw's REUNION Shirt Per person
* Cruisin with The Crenshaw's REUNION Bag Per person
* Bon Voyage Champagne and Chocolate per cabin
* Group Photo Session
* Shared Cocktail Party

"My child is only 3 months old do I have to pay for him/her?"
Unfortunately the minimum age to cruise is 6 MONTHS, all children 6-MONTHS through 2 years of age (valid proof is required to show) you do not have to pay as long as they are accompanying and sleeping in the same room with a paying adult passenger.
For those that also need Flights we can add flights to your booking from your destination at an additional cost.

Also if you need or desire a HOTEL in Galveston ( you will arrive earlier or stay longer)
We can also add that to your booking for an additional fee.

MONTHLY MINIMUM Payments REQUIRED: These are due the 15th of EVERY MONTH until March 15, 2019 ( FINAL payment MUST be received)
Inside or Balcony:
Single: $40.00
Double: $80.00
Triple: $120.00
Quad: $160.00

NOTE Triples and QUADS go FAST, if you want one I would BOOK before January 31st, 2018

Although the TITLE States: Crenshaw's, this event is open to any and everyone, if you want to ATTEND, BOOK!
Meaning if you are a CRENSHAW but you want your in-laws to attend, or your BEST FRIEND, then BOOK, this is not exclusive, the MORE the MERRIER.

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