40th CBP Annual Convention

40th CBP Annual Convention

12 Oct 13:00 - 14 Oct 12:00 - Hot Springs
The Omni Homestead Resort


Here’s a sampling of lecture topics:
• Elevating the professional image of
chiropractic through evidence, contemporary
based but patient friendly
chiropractic awareness programs.
• New Randomized Control Trials
Evaluating CBP Structural Rehabilitation
procedures for improved pain, disability,
and neurological function.
• CBP Technique Research Past, Present,
and Future.

• Identify common spine injuries associated
with car crashes and discuss the
clinical presentation of these injuries.
• Discuss how CBP care might offer
patients improved outcomes of care.
• Corrective Chiropractic Health and
• Clinical evaluation and treatment
for Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
• The application of findings from basic
science to clinical applications with the
aim to translate fundamental research
into meaningful health outcomes for
today’s Chiropractic patient.
• CBP® Technique Analysis, Intervention
and Outcomes: Case Studies
• Scoliosis Deformities and Thoracic
Kyphotic Deformities. The Mirror Image
Bracing Concept with New Research and
• Approved for 18 hours of CE Credit
across USA except A FEW LOCATIONS
• Enjoy a hosted social hour with wine
and appetizers. Friday night.
• Friday morning CBP Annual Golf
8am-Noon—Must register

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