Vegan Women's March 2019 - Las Vegas

Vegan Women's March 2019 - Las Vegas

24 Mar 10:00 - 17:00 - Las Vegas
Las Vegas Federal Courthouse


The Goal: A social media event and march in cities across America; in March of 2019

This Vegan Women's March is about dedicated vegan women gathering across America and spreading the veganism message. This march is about activism for the animals to bring an end to their enslavement and slaughter to result in animal liberation which actually results in human liberation too. Because of the fact that one billion animals are slaughtered daily worldwide, this sheer incomprehensible number makes the focus of this march about the animals.

In particular, this march is also about vegan women standing up against the oppression of female animals. Yes, female human rights and female animals rights most certainly are intertwined, and when we expose the most oppressed beings in the world who are the female animals and their children, we are in tandem making a statement against the oppression of female human animals as well.

Ending female animal oppression, also ends female human oppression.

So vegan women & vegan families please join us for this march and let the world see what they have refused to see, and hear what they have refused to hear and let's make this world a place where freedom rings for both humans and animals. Peace at last, peace at last.

Date: March 24, 2019

Who is in our march: Lead by vegan women but anybody who supports veganism is encouraged to join. This march is separate from the Women's March.

Now till March 24, 2019: this needs ongoing social media presence so please copy/paste the below into your shares and posts
#veganwomensmarch #veganwomensmarch2019 #veganmarch #veganmarch2019 #vegan

During the march: be female animal/animals friendly so please eat vegan, drink vegan, wear vegan, have vegan signs, talk about veganism as the only way we can ensure equal rights for all sentient beings. It is not the focus, but you can personally take this to the next level by using it for material to send to the state/federal political level

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