Three Day Long Range Instructional; Sept 14th - 16th; $715

Three Day Long Range Instructional; Sept 14th - 16th; $715

14 Sep 08:00 - 16 Sep 19:00 - Merriman
Merriman, Nebraska

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Heartland Precision Rifle will run a Three Day Long Range Instructional class vicinity of Merirman, NE (*subject to change) on September 14th - 16th, 2018. This event covers down on our Long Range Precision (1, 2, 3 & 4) curriculum and prepares our students for our follow on Advanced Long Range Precision courses. This event will be ran on a remote piece of property in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska, and the location will be finalized within the next couple of weeks...we will advise all when the details are finalized.

Our Three Day LR Instructional covers down on the following topics, and covers them in a common sense progression;

- Advanced Utilization of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship
- Intro to Ballisitics

- MOA & MIL Sub-Tension Utilization
- Advanced Scope Utilization; Range Estimation & Hold Offs
- Ballistic Technology Integration
- Intro to Wind Reading
- Intro to Spotter Proficinecy
- LR & ELR Target Engagements; 1,760+ yards *rifle dependent

Like all LRP (1) classes that we run, we GUARANTEE you hits on target at 800 yards, most will leave our class hitting 1K+ yard

Students must show with a rifle / platform capable of 1 MOA grouping at 100 yards; calibers from .243 to .338 are commonly fired by our students, contact us if you have questions

Students must have a scope with exposed / adjustable "target turrets" and a "target / tactical reticle"* No Duplex or BDC reticles

Camping can be coordinated with the land owner for $25 per person, per day; close proximity to the range to facilitate ease of travel and meal plans

No meals provided; * we are working through easy coordination with the land owner as well for possible catered evening meals at an additional cost for those who are interested; Nebraska Beef!

A packing list will be provided upon sign up *very common sense

We will have a sign up link on available in the near future

Contact or 402-440-9577 with any questions that you may have


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