2018 Recording Summit

2018 Recording Summit

09 Nov 15:00 - 11 Nov 20:00 - Nashville

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Ok, you guys, this is a big one! It's the 10TH Annual Recording Summit! You do not want to miss it.

Click here to purchase your ticket: squareup.com/store/welcometo1979/item/recording-summit

Each November we host a small, yet high impact Recording Summit that takes place at Welcome To 1979. Come hear industry veterans and newcomers discuss the art & craft of making music for a living, and meet other like-minded industry folk.

The event starts on Friday with a direct-to-disc recording session. We will plate the lacquer that night and get it pressed the next day and give the vinyl away! It also features a Saturday night listening party of an album (announced closer to the date), and a Q&A with the engineer who worked on it!

Only 60 people can attend. This event sells out each year, so sign up soon!

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