Family and Friend 5-Day Western Cruise

Family and Friend 5-Day Western Cruise

22 Oct 16:00 - 27 Oct 08:00 - New Orleans
Port of New Orleans

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LeLet's Celebrate Family and Friends!!!

For All of you who have EVER said " We should go on a cruise together" LET'S DO IT!!!! Here are the details; Ship- Carnival Triumph, 5 days 4 nights, Departing from New Orleans October 22 @ 4pm, sailing too Cozumel Mexico and Yucatan (Progreso) Mexico. Returning to LNew Orleans October 27 @ 8am. Prices are as follows and include port charges and taxes,gratuities, insurance and transfers (transportation NOT included).

Rates are based on double occupancy per person.

Rates for Triple (sleeps 3) and Quad: (sleeps 4) available upon REQUEST

Interior 4B (2 cabins available) - $612.45 per person

Interior 4C (4 available)- $617.45 per person

Interior 4D (4 available)- $622.45 per person

Interior 4E (2 available)- $627.45 per person

Interior 4F (5 available)- $632.45 per person

Ocean-view 6B (6 available) -$662.45 per person

Ocean-view 6C (5 available)- $ 667.45 per person

Balcony 8B (2 available)- $842.45 per person

Balcony 8C (2 available)- $847.45 per person

Balcony 8D (2 available)- $857.45 per person

Payment Schedule.

Payments can be paid in smaller payments as long as it all adds us to the amount due on due date. Contact Elite Xscapes for options for other payment amounts different from listed below.

Deposit $100.00.00 per person Due August 25, 2017

$100.00 per person Due October 25, 2017

$100.00 per person Due January 25, 2018

$100.00 per person Due March 25, 2018

$100.00 per person Due May 25, 2018

Final Payment July 15, 2018 (Invoices will be sent for final payment)

All balances MUST be paid in full by July 15, 2018 (any balances not paid in full will incur $10.00 per day after July 25, 2018 subject to cancellation and all payments forfeited)

All sales are final however, you may change names on reservations with the $75.00 name change fee

How do I pay?

Option 1

Chase QuickPay -Contact Elite Xscape

Option 2

Choose Tickets
If it's your first time paying you are only subject to paying the deposit PER PERSON, all prices are based on DOUBLE Occupancy,
Choose the plan, choose your quantity (2, 3,4) etc.
Then start the check out process
At the conclusion you will be asked numerous questions for checking out.
If you are paying after your deposit payment 2, 3 etc. just choose the option and per person again.
After the deposit, Payment 2, Payment 3 have been paid, choose PAY any amount and type the monetary amount of your choice and check out, this is applied off of your balance owed.
Lastly you may always CHOOSE Pay In Full for any category and have just one transaction and your package paid for.
Option 3

M/O or Cashier Check payable to Elite Xscapes


You DO NOT HAVE to have a passport to cruise from a US Port back to a US Port, but please make sure you understand... if you do not have a passport and there is an emergency back at home... YOU will NOT be allowed to return home until the ship does. Having a passport guarantees that no one can hold you hostage on a cruise ship when an emergency calls. This is not to scare anyone but other carriers have had in the last year a couple of emergencies where the ship broke down, the reason it took so long to get MOST people off of the ship is because the majority of them did not have passports, and could not prove they were U.S. Citizen's.

If you do choose to get a passport do not waist the money on a passport card... get the book. If you do choose the less expense route and only get the passport card... and you decide the following year to visit another country via air... you will have to pay the money to get a Passport Book, so just get the book. A passport is good for 10 years. You can ONLY use a passport card for cruising.

So is a passport required for a cruise - No it is NOT Required, but HIGHLY recommended. Please note, if you choose to cruise without a passport, Elite Xscapes can not assist you when regaining entry back into the United States, you will need to contact the US Embassy.

You may visit the following website for submitting and receiving documents for your passport, please note the receipt back may take up to 2 MONTHS, start early so that you have your travel documents prior to departure. Minor children NOT traveling with both biological parent's (meaning Birth Mom and Birth dad listed on their birth certificate) need to fill out additional documents (see second link)

How to apply for a passport:

Minor children not traveling with BOTH parents:

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Port of New Orleans Port of New Orleans
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