7th Chinese Archery Program (2019)

7th Chinese Archery Program (2019)

15 Mar 08:30 - 17 Mar 18:00 - Odum
Odum, Georgia

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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Participants, please fill out and return the registration packet: www.thewayofarchery.com/forms/2019ChineseArcheryProgramRegistration.pdf

In 2019, the 7th annual Chinese Archery Program will take place on Friday, March 15th @ 8:30 am through Sunday, March 17th @ 6:00 pm at Jaap & Kay Koppedrayer's bamboo farm in Odum, GA, USA.

Spaces are limited to 35 attendees. Additional registrants will be placed on a waitlist.

Registration fees are $140 for the weekend (rental equipment is an additional $20--$40). Registration form + fees must be submitted to Jaap Koppedrayer .

The weekend will feature instruction, practice, talks, and discussions about traditional Chinese Archery. Whether you're learning thumb ring archery for the first time, an archer looking to fine-tune your form, or an archer looking for a group of like-minded friends to discuss archery culture or technical minutiae, all skill levels are welcome!

Organizers and Speakers:
* Jie Tian (co-author of “The Way of Archery”)
* Justin Ma (co-author of "The Way of Archery")
* Duke Bhuphaibool (instructor)
* Jaap & Kay Koppedrayer (hosts)

Copies of "The Way of Archery: A 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual" (www.thewayofarchery.com/) will be available for sale at the program. This is the teaching reference that Jie and Justin will use for instruction in Gao Ying's Ming military style of archery.

Typically folks stay in hotels in Jesup, GA (including Days Inn, Baymont Inn, and Quality Inn) or Glenville, GA.

Equipment rental:
Bow and arrow rental is available for the weekend. Fees are $40 for bow + arrow rental, or $20 for arrow-only or bow-only rental.

Program Details:
Shooting activities include technical work at the gaozhen (close-range bale for working on form), shooting from multiple distances, the Archery Ritual (a pillar of Chinese archery culture), as well as archery games. Lectures will cover a range of topics. Please stay tuned for details.

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