Church Firearm Course | 2-Days | Parma Heights, OH

Church Firearm Course | 2-Days | Parma Heights, OH

17 May 08:00 - 18 May 17:00 - Parma Heights
Parma Heights Baptist Church


DAYS #1 & #2 - Tactical Applications of Pistol for Church Protectors

This dynamic and life-changing course begins with classroom instruction that covers legal & liability issues and safety with a firearm. Classroom discussion includes the lawful and proper use of force supported by United States Supreme Court case precedents. Principles and tactics are applicable to team members who serve churches and religious organizations in an armed security capacity. The majority of our time involves physical training for developing tactically correct motor skills for deploying with your pistol in an emergency. These skill competencies include deploying your pistol, firing, and managing your gear while:

Using a stationary position of concealment/cover;
Moving forward and backward;
Moving laterally and at oblique angles;
Utilizing one or both hands from a variety of positions and fighting platforms.

Our building-block approach to training is appropriate for the person who is new to handling a firearm as well as the experienced individual who wants to take their skills and abilities to a new level. We focus on principles, tactics and techniques that will set you up for success in an armed encounter and we will teach you more than how to merely survive, but how to prevail and WIN in an armed encounter.

Topics Include:

The Principles of Marksmanship
Equipment Selection and Proper Gear Placement
Legal and Justifiable Use of Force
Winning Mindset and Stress Management
Loading, Unloading, and Reloading
Developing Natural Index Points
Communication and Working with a Partner
Verbal Challenges and Commands
Proper Draw Stroke and Proper Recovery to the Holster
Single and Multiple Threat Engagement
Shooting on the Move
Horizontal and Vertical Displacements
Immediate Action Drills and Clearing Malfunctions
Making Proper Decisions Under Duress


$350 per person
Must bring 800 rounds of ammunition

Hosted by Pine Lake Christian Church
636 Pine Lake Rd, Sebring, OH

Tom Steiger

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