Beauty Revealed

Beauty Revealed

08 Nov 12:00 - 11 Nov 17:00 - Rockaway Beach
Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center


Beauty Revealed is far more than the typical women’s retreat or seminar. It provides the opportunity to discover what you may be seeking: that elusive “something” you just can’t seem to reach, a much-needed change you haven’t quite figured out, or simply a time of deeply needed refreshing. The revelation of that “thing” that has been holding you back and the tools to make the change are available if you choose to take yourself on in a bold new way.

And, by the way, it’s a lot of fun!

Beauty Revealed also provides (at NO extra cost) 40 weeks of values based, transformational training to support you in fully living the life you’ve discovered you can live and fulfill your deepest desires.

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