Farshid Etniko presents World Music at Joe's Cafe!

Farshid Etniko presents World Music at Joe's Cafe!

08 Nov 19:00 - 22:30 - St. Louis
Joe's Cafe


Nat Hentoff, American historian, novelist, Jazz critic and author of “American Music Is” and "Jazz Is" said, “Farshid Soltanshahi has gotten more than one piece, having created a distinctive, personal multiculturalism that evokes textures, rhythms, colors and stories of diverse cities and countries, fused with Blues, Latin and Middle Eastern timbers with Persian graces.”

Farshid's group has opened for Carlos Santana , Greg Adams , Taj Mahal and many, many more!

Farshid is known very well among musicians in St. Louis. It may take a bit of a trained ear to understand how complex his music is, but anyone will understand right away how beautiful and unique it is. He is a talent unequaled in many respects and has played Joe's many times in the past. But it has been a few years since he played as a band leader and we are truly excited to have him back on stage in that role. Farshid is a true scholar of world music having traveled extensively to study its various forms. He has studied in France, Iran, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and has settled in St. Louis where he currently lives and plays. He brings together influences from many different cultures to present tunes familiar to most but played in a truly unique style. And, as anyone who knows him will tell you, there is not a nicer, more gentle soul to be found. He is truly a wonderful person to equal his incredible talent. This will be an evening to expand your mind and delight your soul. There is no doubt that you will hear music styling you probably have not heard too much of. Yet it will seem familiar as much of this music was developed centuries ago and blows through the winds of time throughout the world. Come out for a different sort of show and experience breathtaking beauty.

Regular Joe's rules. Show 7, doors 8. Sets go from 8-9 and 9:30 - 10:30. $10, no ATM or cards. Bring your own food and drink. Only soda, water and popcorn for sale. Do not park on Kingsbury, park on Des Peres only. Please do not talk during the music. This is a listening venue. Talking and smoking outside please. (The gallery next door is great for a place to listen to the music and talk.)

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