Myofascial Release Mentoring Clinic

Myofascial Release Mentoring Clinic

12 Jan 09:30 - 12:30 - Stockton
Elkhorn Reserve

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This will be our 8th clinic. We continue to film each clinic and are publishing videos that cover the techniques every month that you can subscribe to at We have all the techniques from past clinics available to view. In fact we encourage you to go through these before you attend the first time. It will help you get more out of the live sessions if you have a good understanding of the creation process of past techniques. Even if you have taken some of the classes, it will help you to go through these more than once to deepen your grasp of the techniques.

Both of our practices are bursting at the seams and we need more highly skilled therapists to help meet the demand. We love what we do and we would rather help other therapists become self-sufficient independent practitioners than manage a complex expanding practice. We both have more than 25 years practicing myofascial release and we would like to share the unique solutions we have put together to help you motivate clients to seek you out as the person who gets results.

We have learned that word of mouth is the best way to build a practice and this requires a therapist to provide extra-ordinary results. Marketing and discounts may bring clients in, but if you aren’t providing results your practice won’t grow.

It has been estimated you need 10,000 hours of informed practice to master a skill. The problem for many practicing myofascial release therapists is having access to skilled therapists, on a regular basis, to put in the hours to gain this mastery. Multi day seminars have their place, but you have to set aside several days for a seminar, you lose income, you have to pay for plane flights, hotels, and meal costs. We hope to fill in the gap between seminars with these mentoring clinics so you have access to a continuum of experience.

Clinics start at 9:30 to allow for those who might need to travel and they end at approximately 12:30 to 1:00. We suggest you come a little early if you need to register and plan to bring a table if you have one. You may want a sheet and pillow as well.

Cost will be $100 per clinic and you will have to register and send in a NON-REFUNDABLE check to secure a spot. Write it out to Richard Harty and send to 7829 N. Pershing Ave. Stockton, CA 95207.

We are limiting the clinics to 20 therapists to maintain the quality and individual attention. If you want to attend make sure you register early.

The clinic will be held at Elkhorn Reserve at 800 W Eight Mile Road, Stockton, CA 95209. To enter the driveway at Elkhorn Reserve you have to be going East on Eight Mile Road from Highway 5 before Davis Road. As soon as you cross Davis Road and are coming down from the top of the overpass going over the railroad tracks, you go to the far right turn only lane immediately and take a sharp right into the driveway and back toward the railroad tracks. You will see a small bridge to your left at the end of the driveway. Go over this bridge and the clinic is in the first building on your right.

I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Richard Harty, PT

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