Epic Egypt Equinox MMYA Tour

Epic Egypt Equinox MMYA Tour

16 Mar 10:00 - 30 Mar 02:00 - Tucson
Modern Mystic Yoga Academy

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An epic way to celebrate the Spring Equinox and invite transformation and adventure into your life in this radical journey to Egypt. This Modern Mystic Tour is being led by Egpytian Mahmoud Marei and Yogini Tamara Lee Standard and will blend the best of exploration of ancient ruins and yogic practices in the backdrops of the Sphynx and pyramids. Do you want to know silence? Come and experience meditation in the Sahara in the sheer space and quietude. Do you want to reinvent yourself and your life? Take this time to do so in a supportive group and with people who want you to be liberated and free to create the life you have always dreamed of living. Daily Yoga & Meditation included in this Indiana Jones-esque adventure to open your heart!

Dates Changed to Summer-stay tuned for more details

$4000 all inclusive (except flights in and out of Egypt.)

***If you only want to do the first two weeks that is also an option and would only cost $3000 then. (All of the big monuments will be included in the first two weeks, you would just fly out of Luxor instead of Cairo where we start and end.)
Includes food, museum entrance fees, transportation throughout the entire country and skilled tour leaders facilitating a journey unlike any other that will keep you on your toes, but also give you a container to discover what you really want to focus on for the rest of this precious life. There will be daily yoga and meditation with Tamara along with expert historic and cultural perspective provided by Egyptian native Mahmoud.

SPRING EQUINOX Tour of EGYPT- Spring 2017 Itinerary

Wednesday 1 March-Arrival
Thursday 2 March- Cairo (Visit Cairo Museum)
Friday 3 March- Cairo (Visit Step Pyramid- and Dahshur Red and Bent Pyramids)
Saturday 4 March- Cairo- Baharyia (400km)
Sunday 5 March- Baharyia- Farafra Oasis- White Desert (280km; Total= 680km)
Monday 6 March- White Desert- Farafra (50km; Total= 730km)
Tuesday 7 March- Farafra- Dakhla Oasis (320km; Total= 1050km)
Wednesday 8 March- Dakhla Oases- Kharga Oases (200km; Total= 1250)
Thursday 9 March- Kharga Oasis- Luxor (300km; Total= 1550)
Friday 10 March- Luxor (Karnak and Luxor Temples)
Saturday 11 March- Luxor (Valley of the Kings)
Sunday 12 March- Luxor- Isna- Aswan (Isna Temple); (25km; Total= 1800km)
Monday 13 March- Aswan (Phialea Temple)
Tuesday 14 March- Aswan (Valley of the Nobles)
Wednesday 15 March- Aswan- Abu Simbel (250km; Total= 2050km)
Thursday 16 March- Abu Simbel- Aswan (250km; Total=2300km)
Friday 17 March- Aswan- Idfo- Luxor (Idfo Temples); (250km; Total= 2550km)
Saturday 18 March- Luxor- Marsa Alam (300km; Total 2850km)
Sunday 19 March- Marsa Allam (Dolphin and Dugong snorkeling/diving)
Monday 20 March- Marsa Alam- Hurghada (350km; 3200km)
Tuesday 21 March- Hurghada
Wednesday 22 March- Hurghada- Cairo (500km; Total 3700km)
Thursday 23 March- Cairo-Spring Equinox *VERY AUSPICIOUS TIMING at the Sphynx with the light and yoga ~
Friday 24 March- Cairo
Monday 25 March- Depart

Important Notes.
If you can only make it for two weeks, there is an option of flying into Cairo 3/1 and leaving Egypt out of Aswan 3/16. The final week of the trip will be more relaxed at the Red Sea area, so you would still get to see a lot of the monuments if you only came for the first two weeks. The discounted rate for this option would be $3000.

There are a couple of days we can shuffle around, depending on how we feel about the place and the conditions of the vehicles. Thus, itinerary is subject to minor changes depending on circumstances and our own decisions.

Each traveling day will start at 5am wakeup call; and we should be on the road by 6am. This is a very demanding rally raid- and we have to keep up the pace. Be prepared for anything.

All inclusive- Flight Not Included. Meaning; all accommodations, in Hotels- all meals, mineral waters, drinks, transportation and tickets to museums and local tours. We will be staying in some of the best hotels in Egpyt including Mena House in Cairo, Winter Palace in Luxor and Cataract Hotel in Aswan. Pictures attached down below.

It is expected that all travelers show great deal of patience, flexibility and cooperativeness during the ‘Tour’. We will be driving with old and slow, yet very well-maintained VWs. However, with the kind of places we are going to visit and the amount of driving we will be conducting, the vehicles will be tested, as will we.

Having said that, this summer Mahmoud drove the vehicles for 3000km without any issues at all. It goes without saying that we will have spare parts and mechanic.

Price: $4,000 (or $6000 to drive your own vehicle)
Deadline for agreement of participation and down payment of $2,000 is December 10th, 2016. This deposit is non-refundable.

About your guides:

Since 1998, Mahmoud Marai has been traveling extensively and leading expeditions across the Great Sahara Desert. Marai, with more than 300,000 km of desert driving, logistical and navigating experience, is considered one of the great contemporary explorers of the Sahara. Marai has reached the outskirts of the Tassili N Ajjer Mountains in Algeria, the borders of the Tenere Desert of Niger, explored the Erdi and Enedi massifs in Chad, penetrated the Darfur province and followed the ancient Forty-Days camel caravan route.

Marai and companions made startling discoveries and contributed to the understanding of the prehistoric civilization in the Uwienate Mountain. In 2012 Marai led two expeditions in the Sahara which had US Explorers Club flags. For this accomplishment, Marai was granted a Fellow International Member by the prestigious US Explorer society. He is also a member of the Geographical Society of Egypt. Marai has published more than 45 articles in travel and auto magazines and geographical journals- many of his articles were also translated into Italian and Spanish.

Tamara Lee Standard E-RYT 200, founder of the Modern Mystic Yoga Academy in Tucson, Arizona has been teaching yoga since 2001, including leading yoga teacher trainings and international yoga workshops & retreats. In 2014 she completed a 3 year meditation retreat in which she was able to develop her own personalized yogic sadhana (spiritual practice), emphasizing meditation in remote wilderness. During her retreat she employed the scientific application of the yogic lifestyle and her various trainings in Kundalini, Anusara, Sivananda, Vinyasa Yoga & Buddhism, along with a willingness to listen to and apply inner wisdom. This experience gives her a unique perspective, deep intuitive insight and the ability to assist others in developing their personal yoga practice. She is an Evolution Ally, meaning she empowers and supports one way to enlightenment ~ your own. Her offerings include: Mystic Yoga, Modern Mystic Yoga Teaching Trainings & Immersions, Modern Mystic Journeys and Mystic Evolution Coaching.

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