Phoenix Retreat 2018 California (Pyrotrainia)

Phoenix Retreat 2018 California (Pyrotrainia)

09 Nov 12:00 - 11 Nov 17:00 - Vista
Emerald Village - EVO


An empowerment and training retreat like no other!
This is the worlds first and longest running Fire Artist Empowerment retreat! Our 11th annual event (Formerly known as Pyrotrainia) and the first time ever outside of California

Tickets info coming here soon!

Join us and experience the transformational power of firewalking, fire dancing, flmaing board-breaking, glasswalking, intention setting, group activities, fire eating, and so much more all combined into 1 life-changing experience! In addition to these activities will be world class prop manipulation and skill based workshops. Designed to grow your skill and your will to new heights!

Beginner and advanced fire and flow artists welcome!
For Anyone who feels called to the element of fire

Taught and guided by certified firewalking instructors and world class fire performers Kevin Axtell and Krystin Railing.
With Special Guest Instructors (Announcement coming soon)

Space is limited - Tent camping included!

Take part in the world's first and longest-running Fire Artist Empowerment Retreat.

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